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Fresh & Flavorful Foods for a Well-Nourished Lifestyle.

Providing Wholesome Home-Baked Bread & Locally/Responsibly Grown Produce

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About Us

Our Purpose.
Food with Flavor.

At Fruit Veg Bread, we believe that better health can be achieved through better nutrition. Healthy soil equals healthy food. We focus on making sustainably-grown produce more accessible to the public leading to nutritious, flavorful food.

  • Quality and Freshness Guarantee
  • Chemical and Pesticide free
  • Complete Product Transparency
  • Bread Made-to-Order
Our story

Tired of Eating Tasteless Produce and Bread?

“Growing up, my family drastically changed the food we ate due to my father’s health issues. Those changes made a huge difference for him. After I left home, I didn’t pay any attention to what I ate, how it was made, how it was grown, or what it had in it. After many years of that, I began to realize the impacts on my health.

My mother taught me to make whole wheat bread when I was in grade school. After leaving home and deciding that it was much easier to buy bread at the store, I stopped making it.

After college, I worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for over 10 years and learned a lot about agricultural practices. I came to appreciate nature, how it works, and how to take care of it. Over the years, I also learned more about “big agriculture” and have come to believe that it is important to eat food that is grown locally and without chemicals.

The Fruit, Veg, Bread Company began with providing produce grown using that practice and baking bread containing as many healthy ingredients as possible. I believe that we should know where our food comes from, how it is grown, what is in it,
and how it is made.

Produce and bread should not need sauces or toppings to compensate for their lack of flavor. They should naturally carry a flavor that compliments your meal.”

– Jody Stringer

Healthy Soil. Healthy Food.
Healthy You.

Our Favorites

Providing fresh bread baked with organic ingredients and produce that is responsibly and locally grown for the Tulsa metropolitan area.

Home Baked Bread

Made-to-order with organic ingredients.

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White Loaf

$ 8.00 USD

Fine textured white bread loaf. Great for toast, sandwiches, and just butter. Package: 1 loaf, approx 1 lb.

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Dinner Rolls

$ 8.00 USD

Enjoy these fresh white dinner rolls with every meal. Or use them for small sandwiches for your holiday parties or snacks. Package: 9 rolls.

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$ 8.00 USD

Enjoy this fresh sourdough loaf. Great for french toast or your favorite sandwich! Package: 1 Loaf, Approx. 7.5" diameter, 1 lb.

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Why Fruit Veg Bread Company?

Guaranteed Fresh
Our bread uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients available.
Home Baked Bread
Bread is made-to-order with fresh & organic ingredients.
Locally Grown Produce
Locally grown in an environmentally responsible manner in Owasso, OK.
No Chemicals or Pesticides
Non-chemical pest control practices are used with our produce and gardening practices.

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